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About Us


Real-World Business Experience

CREO consultants gain a wealth of skills that provide a solid foundation for success in any career. Our multi-faceted project deliverables enable consultants to gain proficiency in skills ranging from Microsoft Office suite to Google Analytics and website design. Problem-solving, collaboration, and professional communication abilities among others are developed through client presentations and interactions, expert calls, as well as weekly internal meetings.

Transferable Skills

By working closely with companies of different sizes and sectors, consultants develop a first hand understanding of how businesses work from a variety of perspectives. Identifying crucial organizational pain points and formulating actionable and business-specific solutions for real world corporations allows students to acquire professional experience beyond their years while getting the chance to make a measurable impact.

Access to an Extensive Network

Former CREO consultants can be found thriving in a variety of industries post-graduation, ranging from consulting to finance to technology. Through our mentorship program, new consultants gain unparalleled access to the intelligent and driven cohorts before them. Alumni regularly provide support to current members, offering assistance with interview preparation and establishing industry connections.

Zeya Yang

CREO '13
Product Manager @ Plaid
Venture Capital Investor @ Index Ventures
ex Associate Consultant @ Bain & Company
Harvard Business School MBA '19

CREO is a great organization to be involved with at Queen’s. It’s an awesome opportunity to apply the theory taught in the classroom in a more practical environment. The types of clients that work with CREO are not accustomed to having external advisors, so even as students, I believe the clients genuinely benefitted from the work and CREO was making tangible difference. The skillset you hone during CREO projects is strongly applicable to the skillset required in both management consulting and private companies, from framing problems, to working with diverse teams, to communicating findings effectively. The CREO network is also something to note – a number of individuals at firms I was interviewing with were CREO alum, and now many of my classmates who were involved with CREO are at top firms. I definitely recommend CREO to current Queen’s students.



Each year, CREO Solutions invites Queen’s best and brightest to apply to be a part of our team. We identify and hire high-performance individuals with the desire to make an impact and a proven track record of success. Recruiting for the next academic year takes place in January and February, with first-year representative hiring occurring in mid-September.

The winter recruiting process involves a written application and two rounds of interviews.


The written application includes questions relating to the candidates’ skills and experience, and is supplemented by pitching a pragmatic solution for a potential CREO client. Applicants will be invited to an in-person interview consisting of behavioural questions and a market-sizing activity. Successful candidates will be invited to a final round of interviews consisting of an interviewer-led case-based exercise and a final behavioural exercise.


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