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Through our 10+ years of advising corporations of all sizes, we have developed extensive expertise in a variety of functional areas. With guidance from industry mentors, our team of talented, business-savvy consultants works closely with clients to solve their difficult problems. We use academic research, a deep knowledge network, and industry-leading databases to identify actionable insights, then develop custom-built solutions that create tangible impact.


Establishing a long-term vision for success.

As consolidation, competition, and digitization affect every industry, businesses need a long-term strategy that enables them to prosper in uncertain times. Armed with cutting-edge insights from Canada’s leading business school, CREO consultants are well-equipped to collaborate with clients to build that vision, providing actionable recommendations to drive sustainable growth.


Corporate Development

Identify and evaluate inorganic growth opportunities to optimize synergies from acquisitions.

New Market Entry

Find the right markets to enter, with organizational capabilities and market forces in mind.

Business Cases

Clearly define and articulate the reasoning behind strategic decisions and capital expenditures.

Business Plans

Develop ideas, gather research, and ensure feasibility for your organization's new ventures.


Improving business processes to optimize efficiency.

Successful enterprises consistently seek to improve the way they operate, understanding that even incremental improvements in efficiency and productivity can have immense impacts on the bottom line. Through conducting extensive diagnostic analysis and working closely with your management team, CREO identifies areas for improvements and provides actionable recommendations to optimize your company’s business processes.


Diagnostic Assessments

Deeply analyzing business process to identify areas for quality improvement.

Business Process Improvements

Apply cutting-edge best practices to realize improved efficiency and productivity.

Value Chain Transformations

Extensively evaluate the value chain to generate cost savings and performance improvement.


Leveraging technology and innovation to unlock sources of value.

In an increasingly digital world, companies need to invest in agile innovation to create new sources of value and stay on top of the competition. CREO consultants possess the right mix of digital proficiency and traditional business acumen to deliver measurable results and newfound insight within this space.  


Innovation Ideation

Bring a fresh, young perspective into your organization's idea generation processes.

Experience Design

Create seamless user experiences using first-hand research and a wealth of experience.

Digital Transformation Advisory

Identify sources of new value creation from technological implementation


Using data-driven insights to create customer value.

In an age of rapidly shifting consumer preferences, it is increasingly important to take a forward-looking and data-driven approach to creating customer value. With unparalleled knowledge of the student market, CREO uses a variety of proprietary resources to identify key insights, leveraging extensive experience to create a marketing mix that ensures organic growth for the future.


Marketing Plans

Establish effective pricing, placement, promotional, and product mixes.

Market Research

Leverage proprietary resources to develop a picture of industry landscape.

Branding Initiatives

Create a unique, memorable, and convincing customer-facing story for your organization.

Business Plans

Effectively utilize the tools of today to communicate to potential customers.


Analyzing information to find the right way forward.

Whether it be raising capital or planning for the future, gathering and interpreting financial information plays a crucial role in the running of any business. CREO’s team possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in the financial space and can leverage it to help you gain critical insights and make informed decisions.



Use comparable company, precedent transaction, and discounted cash flow methods to determine value.


Determine a viable financial plan to ensure sustainability going forward.

Compensation Restructuring

Maximize employee retention and performance while minimizing costs.

Capital Planning

Analyze planned expenditures to determine their impact on your company's growth trajectory.

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