Each March, CREO hires first and second year consultants from all programs across Queen’s University. We look for motivated individuals with strong communication skills who can demonstrate initiative, creativity, and an ability to problem-solve. No prior business or consulting knowledge or expertise is required.



February 24th, 2021

Information Session from 5:30-7:00pm

March 1, 2021

Application Drop on our Website and Facebook

March 8, 2021

Applications Due Date

March 10-12, 2021

First Round Interviews

March 18-19, 2021

Second Round Interviews


To better serve the Queen's University community, CREO is inviting fellow Queen's University students to schedule an informal chat with an individual from the CREO team. This opportunity is intended to provide you with the chance to learn more about the dynamics of CREO and determine whether you think CREO is the right club for you! 

Networking conversations will provide students with the ability informally ask questions related to CREO, hiring, or other subject matter. 

Please note that it is by no means mandatory for students applying for CREO during the March Hiring process to schedule a networking conversation. Chats are completely non-evaluative and will not influence hiring decisions in any way. Hiring decisions will be solely based on the interview process and your written application.

Do not feel the need to only contact CREO member through the above form. Everyone should feel free to reach out to CREO members through email, LinkedIn, or Facebook. A list of CREO members along with their contact information can be found under the Team section of the website!



So that all candidates can enter the interview on an equal footing, we have prepared a couple of interview resources for potential applications, consisting of a hiring resource package and a PowerPoint on market sizing to help provide insight into that portion of the CREO interview. The hiring package contains information on what you can expect from the hiring process, tips on how to prepare for the interview, and information as to what CREO is looking for in an ideal candidate. 

Click below to view/download these resources.

CREO march hiring 2021 resourc package
Introduction to market sizing

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