Driving Profitability for an Ontario-based Conglomerate

The Problem


A conglomerate operating in the food, beverage, entertainment, and apparel industries had grown significantly. However, many business processes had not yet caught up to their scale, resulting in underperformance in certain segments of the business.

The Approach


CREO spent 4 months running diagnostic assessments to identify opportunities for operational improvements in three business units. Using these findings, a tailored approach was built to address targeted issues in each division. For their apparel store, we wrote the business case for, then launched, an e-commerce platform for them. For their pub, we launched a cost savings program including building a comprehensive food inventory management model.

The Result


All three business units saw significant improvement to their P&Ls. The e-commerce platform and significant operational improvements at a nightclub resulted in a step-change improvement in revenues. Most significantly, over the course of 6 months we were on the group with the pub, we turned annual losses of ~$100,000 into a break-even scenario, with post-engagement results showing further increases in revenue and profitability over the following 6 months.