Tawfek Abdelwahed

Tawfek is in his 3rd year of the Commerce program at Queen’s University and is a Project Manager with CREO Solutions. Tawfek joined CREO Solutions in September 2018 as an Analyst before being promoted to Consultant in March 2019, and Project Manager in September 2019.

Last summer, Tawfek worked as a Summer Analyst at Firm Capital Organization, a real estate private equity firm with ~$1.5B in AUM. In this role, he worked on a $266M co-acquisition of retail properties across Ontario and Quebec with First Capital Realty. This summer, Tawfek is scheduled to complete a 16-week internship with the investments team at Altas Partners, a Canadian private equity firm with $7B in AUM.

At Queen’s, Tawfek serves as a Portfolio Manager on Queen’s University Investment Counsel, a student-run investment counsel with $1.4M in AUM.

Tawfek enjoys weightlifting, basketball, and skydiving.

Project Manager

COMM '22

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