Innovative Product Development for a FinTech Startup

The Problem


Vuru, a FinTech startup that distills complex and voluminous capital data into a beginner-friendly format, had just raised $1 million in seed funding. Among the high-potential markets they saw for expansion: post-secondary students. However, their interface was tailored to an older, more experienced, and less UX discerning audience.

The Approach


CREO worked directly with Vuru’s founder to design and execute 30 individual user tests with students of varying investment experience. The 40-minute tests allowed the user to explore the platform’s various features, complete curated tasks, provide feedback, and complete a profile survey. Using ViewedIt, we were able to record each user’s screen, commentary, and face as they interacted with the platform.

The Result


CREO identified a set of uniquely important insights, including key correlation drivers of satisfaction that revolutionized the company’s approach to thinking about product development. Synthesis of these ideas was presented in a set of recommendations to Vuru, including UI/UX changes and a product development backlog for the platform’s features.