Sabrina Jiang

Sabrina is in her 3rd year of the Commerce program at Queen’s University. Sabrina joined CREO in March of 2020 as a Consultant. 

This summer, Sabrina is studying for the LSAT and working on an ad-hoc basis at a venture studio, where she investigates workstreams (e.g market research, industry research, and supply chain) for potential business opportunities. In past summers Sabrina worked at an overnight camp and oversaw the swimming and lifesaving program for staff and campers alike.

With regards to extracurricular activities, Sabrina is a Portfolio Manager on Queen's Capital and the Sponsorship Director for Queen's Female Leadership in Politics, a conference about the empowerment of women in the business and political spheres.

Sabrina enjoys running, travelling, learning how to paint, trying new coffees.


COMM '22

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