Gianni Bennardo

Gianni is in his 3rd year of the Commerce program at Queen’s University and has been a Consultant with CREO Solutions since March of 2019.


Gianni is working as a Strategic Initiatives Intern for BMO this summer. In this role, he has been tasked with growing InvestorLine's AI program which assists consumers as they make investment decisions. Last summer, Gianni worked at BMO Capital Markets as an Operations Analyst for Fixed Income.

Gianni is a Logistics Officer for Queen's Commerce Corporate Competition (Q3C). He previously held the role of Case Officer. Gianni is also a Portfolio Manager on Investa Insights, which he co-founded in his first year. Additionally, Gianni works as an Editor (Politics and The World) for The Queen's Business Review and an Analyst (Asia-Pacific) for Queen's Global Markets.

Gianni enjoys reading about macroeconomics, listening to news and true-crime podcasts, and attempting to cook as well as Gino D'Acampo.


COMM '22

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