Jennifer Zhao

Jennifer joined CREO Solutions in March 2018 as a Consultant before being promoted to Project Manager in September 2018 and Managing Director in December 2019.

This summer, Jennifer is working as an Associate Consultant Intern at Bain & Company. Previously, Jennifer worked as a Summer Investment Analyst at Round13 Capital, a Toronto-based venture capital firm. In this role, she led the due diligence process for new opportunities by conducting market size validation and financial analysis on over 15 companies and prepared a 30-page memo on $12-million investment in a cloud migration consultancy.

At Queen’s, Jennifer serves as a Teaching Assistant for COMM 162 (Managerial Statistics) and COMM 121 (Introduction to Finance), and previously was a Treasurer on the Queen’s Commerce Society.

Jennifer enjoys spending time in nature, listening to podcasts, and feeding cats.

Managing Director

COMM '21

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