Tim Lampen

Tim is in his 3rd year at Queen’s University, pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, and is a Project Manager with CREO Solutions. Tim joined CREO Solutions in March 2019 before being promoted to his current Project Manager role in January 2020.

This summer, Tim is working at RBC as a Software Developer creating an internally-facing phone application to help monitor all their servers. Tim is also brushing up on his interview skills to get ready for tech recruiting.​​

Tim is currently a Co-Chair of QTMA where he leads the product program, making sure that everyone is able to launch their idea by the end of the year. Additionall, Tim sits on the AMS Board of Directors where he helps to manage several AMS-owned businesses, such as CoGro.

In his spare time, Tim likes making cool electronic toys, such as smart coffee makers. Tim also enjoys playing sports like soccer.

Project Manager

SCI '22

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