Andrew Kates

Andrew is in his 3rd year at Queen’s University pursuing Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering degrees. Andrew joined CREO in March of 2020 as a Consultant. 

Andrew is working as a Deployment Strategy Intern in Consulting this summer at Validere, a Harvard-based startup that provides AI and IoT technology for the oil & gas industry. In this role, assists in various implementation consulting projects with major energy companies. Last summer, Andrew worked at the United Nations on their Global Bioethics Initiative in NYC.

Andrew serves as the Director of Finance & Sponsorship for the 42nd Ontario Engineering Competition, leading a team that develops over $100,000 in sponsorship and manages a budget of over a quarter-million dollars. In the past, Andrew was a member of QMIND InQUBate, a stream of the Queen's University Artificial Intelligence Hub that produces AI-based B2B startups.

Andrew enjoys the outdoors, including sailing and skiing. Andrew also likes music, having played the piano and the trumpet and competing at the international level.


SCI '22

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