Shivam Aggarwal

Shivam is in his 3rd year of the Commerce program at Queen’s University and is one of CREO Solutions' Managing Directors. Shivam joined CREO in September 2018 as a Junior Analyst. Since then he has been a Consultant and a Project Manager, before being promoted to his role as Managing Director.

This summer, Shivam is working at Fremont Private Holdings, the direct private investment arm of the Fremont Group, where he is conducting strategy work for the firm's holding companies. In his 2019 summer, Shivam worked as a business analyst at Iversoft Solutions, a full-stack digital agency.

At Queen’s, Shivam is also a part of the Queen's University Investment Club (QUIC), where he is a Portfolio Manager for the Metals & Mining team. Shivam previously served as an Analyst on the same team.

In his spare time, Shivam loves to watch and play sports including hockey, basketball and football.

Managing Director

COMM '22

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