Allen Chen

Allen is in his 3rd year of the Commerce program at Queen’s University and is a Project Manager with CREO Solutions. Allen joined CREO Solutions in March 2019 as an Analyst before being promoted to his current Project Manager role in January 2020.

This summer, Allen is the Co-founder at Lytec, a company aiming to disrupt the smart lighting space. Allen is a Fellow at the Cansbridge Fellowship, which sponsors 15 undergraduate students every year to complete a week-long conference in San Francisco and a summer internship in Asia. Previously, he worked as a Business Development and Marketing Intern at Mosaic Manufacturing.

Allen serves as a Portfolio Manager on the Queen’s University Investment Counsel, a student-run investment counsel with $1.4M in AUM. He is also a Competitor on the Queen’s Case Competition Union and a Senior Business Analyst on the Queen's Technology and Media Association, a product development hub.

Allen enjoys camping, hiking, sports, reading, and spending time with his family & friends.

Project Manager

COMM '22

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