Navigating Uncharted Territory for a Global HR Consultancy.

The Problem


After over thirty years of organic growth and profitability, a global human-capital consultancy faced the first significant downturn in its economic lifecycle. An increasingly fragmented market and the rapid adoption of new technologies forced the firm’s partners to act defensively, focusing on short-term economic incentives instead of bold strategic actions. The firm brought in CREO to craft their long-term strategy, assisting the organization in proactively understanding how to react to significant changes in the marketplace.

The Approach


The CREO Solutions’ team divided this project into two phases. The first phase involved conducting primary and secondary research on key competitors and the rapidly changing human capital space, identifying industry trends and best practices and outlining shortcomings in the business’s current service offerings. After ~250 hours of research, our team leveraged these insights in collaboration with the firm’s C-Suite to deliver four strategic and structural changes to the organization’s business model, including a targeted vertical acquisition, the development of a digital product offering, and strategic partnerships across unlikely industries.

The Result


Following a two-and-a-half-hour final presentation to the firm’s partners, CREO’s recommendations were given 100% support at the partner level and were implemented within the following six months. The client has hired members of our team and has explicitly stated their intent to work with us in the future.