Propelling a Social Enterprise to New Heights of Donor Engagement

The Problem


A medium-sized social enterprise that linked interested donors with cream of the crop charities had its business model figured out. However, they didn’t have a coherent strategy to communicate their value to potential and current donors, especially on the digital front, and suffered from a lack of donor engagement as a result.

The Approach


CREO conducted extensive analysis to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.  This included formulating a customized “strategy playbook,” which guided the social enterprise in their marketing channel selection, content strategy for curation and publication, and brand image approach for social media channels.

The Result


To kickstart the enterprise’s digital marketing efforts, CREO created 3 months of content across 3 social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube). All of these were developed in-house, including videos, infographics, and articles that strengthened the client’s digital presence. As a result, the organization saw a 304% increase in donor engagement, spurring unprecedented growth.